Alexandra Goss, (Alix)
Vice President and Senior Consultant
Imprado, a division of DynaVet Solutions
Harrisburg, PA

Alexandra Goss is Vice President and Senior Consultant with Imprado, a division of DynaVet Solutions, which specializes in Healthcare IT and strategic consulting. Previously, Ms. Goss was named the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership Authority in January 2014 after serving as the PA Health Information Technology Coordinator for one year and the program director of the Authority since 2011. She guided numerous stakeholders in their collaborative efforts to improve quality and safety of health care through the creation and implementation of a PA statewide network for electronic health information exchange. For 25 years, Ms. Goss has been a leader in efforts for developing national health care data standards, implementing federal regulations, systems integration and operations management in the private and public sectors of health care. Before joining the Authority, she worked on various Medicare Part B contracts as a consultant. She also served as chair of the ASC X 12 Insurance Subcommittee, an accredited standards development organization of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). In this arena, her expertise in health care standards is renowned and highly sought by the industry.

Ms. Goss was appointed to the Committee in 2012, appointed to a second term in 2016, and serves as Co-chair of the Subcommittee on Standards, Review Committee and member of the Executive Subcommittee.