Consolidated Health Informatics Initiative
Preliminary Information Sheet Format[1]

Domain Title and Team Lead

Steven J Steindel, Ph.D.


(Content:  Brief description of domain definition to include what is considered in scope and what is considered out of scope.  Rationale and issues that were identified by team will be included.) 

Domain/Sub-domain In-Scope (Y/N)
Non-medicine chemicals Y
Medication ingredients N

Alternatives Identified  
(Content:  A listing of candidate terminologies.)

Numerous lists of chemical exist for public and private use. Top consideration is being given to a list that will avoid the use of Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) Numbers due to intellectual property considerations.

SNOMED is not being considered as it, along with other Medical terminologies such as MESH, include chemicals on an on-occurrence basis as direct medical impact is indicated. It is felt a more inclusive list is needed and available.

Initial Thoughts, Issues, and Comments for Feedback
(Content:  Preliminary thoughts from teamwork to check in with broader group of stakeholders).

Numerous federal and private lists exist, but prime consideration is being given to the EPA SRS table of chemicals regulated for environmental purposes. EPA is part of workgroup and appears willing, given appropriate resources, to augment the list with non-environmental chemicals and prepare an abstract version for medical use download.

[1] Information Sheet designed specifically to facilitate communication between CHI and NCVHS Subcommittee on Standards and Security resulting from May 20, 2003 testimony.  CHI may seek assistance to help further define scope, alternatives to be considered and/or issues to be included in evaluation process.