Subcommittee Charge

Purpose: Established in 1985, the Executive Subcommittee assists the NCVHS in administering Committee activities, facilitates and expedites policy considerations determined by the full Committee, and provides liaison with governmental and non-governmental organizations. The functions and procedures governing the Executive Subcommittee are subject to approval and modification by the full Committee.

Composition: The Chair of the NCVHS is the Chair of the Executive Subcommittee. Membership consists of chairs of the subcommittees and workgroups. Other members may be invited by the Chair to participate on a meeting-by-meeting basis, to address specific projects and/or needs. The NCVHS Executive Secretary, or designee, and the DHHS Executive Staff Director will be ex officio members of the Executive Subcommittee.

Functions: Specific responsibilities of the Executive Subcommittee are to:

  • Identify and recommend issues for the full Committee and subcommittee attention
  • Develop Committee agendas, with a view towards planning several agendas in advance
  • Conduct strategic planning sessions for overview of Committee current and future activities
  • Coordinate and facilitate subcommittee and workgroup activities
  • Maintain ongoing assessment of Committee process and activities to assure effectiveness and productivity
  • Conduct other business delegated to it by the full Committee

Procedures and Process: The Executive Subcommittee is empowered to act between full Committee meetings on those activities delegated to the Subcommittee, their actions subject to ratification by the full Committee. The Executive Subcommittee is also empowered to take official action and serve in proxy for the full Committee, as approved by the full Committee.

Specific activities include:

  1. In interim periods between the full Committee meetings of the NCVHS, the Executive Subcommittee will monitor, through telephone calls, mail, and/or meetings, the progress of work and other activities relevant to the current approved program of the full Committee. Working with staff and subcommittee Chairmen, activities will be facilitated, problems and issues identified and resolved to accomplish the planned program.
  2. The Executive Subcommittee will review work plans developed by the subcommittees and make recommendations to the full Committee.
  3. The Subcommittee may confer with Chairmen of other subcommittees or with others to consider particular problems, or issues impacting on the work of the full Committee. These may include senior personnel in the Department and other public and private agencies with interest in considerations appropriate to the responsibilities of the Committee.
  4. Minutes of any meetings of the Subcommittee will be prepared and mailed to the full Committee membership and/or presented at the next full Committee meeting. If work progresses by mechanisms other than meetings, appropriate reports will be made to the full Committee membership.
  5. The Chairman of the NCVHS or designee will report on the activities of the Subcommittee at each full meeting. This report will include an outline of the areas of concern of the Subcommittee and proposed plans for subsequent followup and activity.
  6. In unusual events where some actions, previously not approved by the Committee, may be required by the NCVHS and a meeting has not been scheduled, the Subcommittee may consider alternatives and make recommendations to the full Committee by mail or telephone. With concurrence, approved actions may be taken by the Chairman or other formally appointed representatives of the Committee.
  7. In the absence of the Chairman at an Executive Subcommittee or full Committee meeting, the Executive Subcommittee member with the most seniority on the NCVHS would act as Chairman.

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Upcoming/Recent Meetings

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

  • August 10, 2015
    Agenda of the August 10, 2015 NCVHS Executive Subcommittee Leadership Retreat
  • August 9, 2012
    Agenda of the August 9, 2012 NCVHS Executive Subcommittee Strategic Planning Working Session
  • November 30, 2010
    Agenda of the November 30, 2010 NCVHS Executive Subcommittee Strategy Session
  • April 28-29, 2009
    Agenda of the April 28-29, 2009 NCVHS Executive Subcommittee Meeting
  • October 14-15, 2008
    Agenda of the October 14-15, 2008 NCVHS Executive Subcommittee Meeting
  • February 6-7, 2008
    Agenda of the February 6-7, 2008 NCVHS Executive Subcommittee Meeting
  • May 2-3, 2007
    Agenda of the May 2-3, 2007 Executive Subcommittee Planning Meeting
  • July 25, 2006
    Agenda of the July 25, 2006 NCVHS Executive Subcommittee Meeting
  • August 15-16, 2005
    Agenda of the August 15-16, 2005 NCVHS Executive Subcommittee Retreat
  • June 9, 2005
    Agenda of the June 9, 2005 NCVHS Executive Subcommittee Meeting
  • August 6, 2004
    Agenda of the August 6, 2004 NCVHS Executive Subcommittee Meeting
  • November 21, 2003
    Executive Subcommittee
  • October 7, 2003
    Executive Subcommittee

Planning Documents (Nondecisional)


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Members and Staff


  • Jacki Monson, JD


  • Jamie Ferguson
  • Steven Wagner, MBA
  • Tammy Feenstra Banks, MBA, FACMPE
  • Valerie J.M. Watzlaf, PhD, MPH, RHIA, FAHIMA


  • Lorraine Tunis Doo, MPH
  • Maya Bernstein, JD

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