The Subcommittee on Quality focuses primarily on the first function outlined in the NCVHS Charter: “Monitor the nation’s health data needs and current approaches to meeting those needs; identify emerging health data issues, including methodologies and technologies of information systems, databases, and networking that could improve the ability to meet those needs.”

A second area of focus is “… to identify strategies and opportunities for evolution from single-purpose, narrowly focused, categorical health data collection strategies to more multi-purpose, integrated, shared data collection strategies.”  The Subcommittee will make recommendations to the full National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics in these areas of its Charter.

As a near-term priority, the Quality Subcommittee will concentrate on the data needs of person-centered health–the set of personal, professional and community activities and services focused on the health and well-being of individuals.  Specifically,

  • The Subcommittee will identify emerging health data needs for a health system where the individual engages as a full participant.
  • The Subcommittee will develop an understanding of the requirements of a health surveillance data set to support personal health tracking and improvement which, with proper privacy protection and effective and efficient data collection strategies, can be used to assess the health status and needs of a population.

The Subcommittee will collaborate with other NCVHS subcommittees on matters of mutual interest and concern.

December 2008