Subcommittee Charge

The Subcommittee on Standards monitors and makes recommendations to the Full Committee on health data standards, including implementation of the Administrative Simplification provisions of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Medicare Modernization and Improvement Act of 2006 (MMA), and associated subjects such as the development of a nationwide health information network (NHIN).

Specifically, the Subcommittee will:

  1. Identify opportunities and issues in health data standards for full Committee attention.
  2. Provide outreach, liaison, and consultation with, and serve as a public forum on health information technology standards for, the following stakeholders:
    • Consumer groups
    • The health industry
    • Public health
    • Standards development organizations
    • The research community
    • Federal, state and local governments
  3. Make recommendations to the Full Committee related to:
    • Electronic transactions;
    • Terminologies and code sets;
    • Clinical documentation;
    • Security measures; and
    • Identifiers on various players in the health care system (including large and small providers, large and small health plans, employers, individuals, and Federal, state, and local governments).
  4. Make recommendations to the full Committee on strategies to promote a continuing process of developing, coordinating, adopting, implementing and maintaining standards. These strategies may include public information and educational efforts as well as research and development efforts.
  5. Produce recommendations for the full Committee’s annual report to Congress on HIPAA Administrative Simplification.
  6. Collaborate with the other NCVHS subcommittees on cross-cutting issues.

December 2008