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Department of Health and Human Services


Subcommittee on Standards and Security

January 24-25, 2007


National Center for Health Statistics

3311 Toledo Road

Hyattsville, Maryland  20782

Meeting Synopsis


The National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics Subcommittee on Standards and Security was convened on January 24-25, 2007.  The meeting was open to the public and broadcast live on the Internet (



Committee Members

Jeffrey S. Blair, M.B.A., Co-Chairman

Harry Reynolds, Co-Chairman

Justine M. Carr, M.D.

Simon P. Cohn, M.D.

Judith Warren, Ph.D., R.N.




Staff and Liaisons

Vivian Auld, NLM

Denise Buenning, MSM, CMS

Jorge Ferrer, MD, VA

J. Michael Fitzmaurice, Ph.D., AHRQ

Marjorie Greenberg, NCHS/CDC, Executive Secretary

Steven J. Steindel, Ph.D., CDC

Karen Trudel, CMS



Bill Alfano, BlueCross BlueShield

W. Holt Anderson, NCHICA

Bill Finerfrock, Capitol Associates, Inc.

Maria A. Friedman, RXHUB

Richard Galica, CAQH

Pamela Goodwin, Siemens Medical Solutions

Pam Matthews, FHIMSS

Kathy Ochal, Siemens Medical Solutions

Barry S. Reiter, FPS

Rachelle F. Spiro, R. Spiro Consulting

Walter Suarez, Institute for HIPAA



  1. A chart entitled “NCVHS Standards and Security Subcommittee Focus, Portfolio, Process” was given to Subcommittee members for review, in order to determine future agenda items. Mr. Reynolds will receive comments by Wednesday, January 31, 2007.  The topic of the Subcommittee’s next hearing will then be determined.
  1. Mr. Reynolds suggested a hearing in April or early May 2007 that includes e-prescribing as a topic.  He suggested a September or October 2007 meeting that takes into account the Subcommittee’s annual HIPAA report as well as a review of NPI (as a follow-up to the Subcommittee’s letter).  The latter meeting may coincide with the full Committee meeting on May 3, 2007.
  1. Subcommittee members were asked to submit comments about the HIPAA-NCVHS report to Ms. Denise Buenning, MSM, CMS by January 31, 2007.
  1. Mr. Reynolds and Ms. Buenning will work on a draft letter for the full Committee with recommendations about processing and testing (as opposed to implementing) NPIs with a contingency plan (to be submitted by February 12, 2007).  Subcommittee members must agree on the letter before it is sent to the Executive Committee, which will review it before it goes to the full Committee.  The letter will clarify where the Subcommittee thinks covered entities should be, relative to the May 23, 2007 compliance date:  providers should be able to get their numbers; payers and clearinghouses should be able to process NPIs; and outreach should continue.
  1. The Subcommittee will write a letter to the Secretary that validates the merits of the SDO proposal.  The industry has generally been positive about it in Subcommittee hearings.  The Subcommittee will recommend that the Secretary consider the proposal and also consider obtaining legal advice about how it could work within the construct of the Administrative Procedures Act.  Mr. Blair and Dr. Fitzmaurice will draft this letter, which will go to the full Committee in February 2007, if possible.


Department of Health and Human Services


Subcommittee on Standards and Security

January 24-25, 2007


Topics and Presenters


Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Welcome and Introductions

Jeffrey S. Blair, M.B.A.

Harry Reynolds


Panel I – NPI Provider

Carole J. Magoffin, M.S.W., VP, Quality, National Minority Quality Forum

Karen Raines, Ass’t. VP, HCA, Inc., Federation of American Hospitals

Larrie Dawkins, M.B.A., C.M.P.E., Medical Group Management Association

Frank A. Kyle, Jr., D.D.S., M.S., Manager, Legislative & Regulatory Policy, ADA

Mari Rose Johnson, M.P.A., Ass’t. Director, Federal Affairs, AMA


Panel II – Vendors/Clearinghouse

Mitchell Icenhower, Senior Director, Business Management & General Manager, HDX

Catherine Schulten, Director, Industry Relations – Healthcare, EDIfecs

Stacy Trease, Team Lead, IT Project Management, Gateway EDI

Robert B. Burleigh, CHBME, President, Brandywine Health Care Services


Panel III – Pharmacy

Michele M. Vilaret, Director, Telecommunications Standards, NACDS

Kathryn Kuhn, R.Ph., Senior VP, Pharmacy Programs, NCPA Foundation

Annette Gabel, Executive Director, Industry Standards Compliance, MEDCO

John Lavin, M.B.A., M.P.H., VP, Caremark


Panel IV – Plan/Payer

Marilyn R. Zigmund Luke, Executive Director, Private Market Regulation, AHIP

Justine Handelman, Director, Federal Relations, BlueCross BlueShield Assn.

Cathy T. Carter, Director, Business Applications Management Group, OIS/CMS


Proposal Presentation

Patrice Kuppe, WEDI, Allina

Gail S. Kocher, WEDI, Highmark

Michael Ubl (via telephone)


Subcommittee Discussion


Wrap-up and Adjournment

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Welcome and Introductions

Jeffrey S. Blair, M.B.A.

Harry Reynolds


SDO Proposal Review

Margaret Weiker, EDS, representing ASC X12N

Lynne Gilbertson, NCPDP, representing NCPDP


SDO Reactor Panel

Thomas J. Wilder, VP, Private Market Regulation, AHIP

George Arges, Senior Director, Health Data Management Group, AHA

Nancy Spector, Director, Electronic Medical Systems, AMA

Kathryn Kuhn, R.Ph., Senior VP, Pharmacy Programs, NCPA Foundation


Subcommittee Discussion                                      Jeffrey S. Blair/Harry Reynolds


Discussion of Outstanding Business, NCVHS Annual Report, Future Agenda Items


Wrap-up and Adjournment


See official transcript for full Subcommittee discussion.