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Department of Health and Human Services


Subcommittee on Standards and Security

May 1-2, 2007

Marriott at Metro Center
775 12th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005

Meeting Synopsis

The National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics Subcommittee on Standards and Security was convened on May 1-2, 2007. The meeting was open to the public and broadcast live on the Internet (


Committee Members

  • Jeffrey S. Blair, MBA, Co-Chairman
  • Harry Reynolds, Co-Chairman
  • Justine M. Carr, MD
  • Simon P. Cohn, MD
  • J. Marc Overhage, MD, PhD
  • Judith Warren, PhD, RN


Staff and Liaisons

  • Denise Buenning, MSM, CMS
  • Jorge Ferrer, MD, VA
  • J. Michael Fitzmaurice, PhD, AHRQ
  • Marjorie Greenberg, NCHS/CDC, Executive Secretary
  • Karen Trudel, CMS


  • Adam Birnbaum, BlueCross BlueShield
  • Michael J. DeCarlo, BlueCross BlueShield
  • Maria A. Friedman, RXHUB
  • Angela L. Jeansonne, AOA
  • Mari Rose Johnson, AMA
  • Frank A. Kyle, Jr., ADA
  • Anthony J. Schueth, Point-of-Care Partners
  • Brian Spector, Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation, Inc.
  • Rachelle F. Spiro, R. Spiro Consulting
  • Allison Viola, AHIMA


  1. An NPI letter will be created for the June 2007 full Committee meeting.
  2. A process will be developed to further educate the Subcommittee about the implementation of 5010 and the NCPDP standard (i.e., learn more about what they are and the impact of expected changes). This would be followed by one or more industry hearings. Then, the Subcommittee would be in a position to make recommendations to the Secretary.
  3. An October 2007 Subcommittee hearing is scheduled. An additional hearing prior to October to address issues related to 5010 will be considered, depending upon budgetary restrictions. Alternately, a conference call (open to the public) could occur with DSMOs (Designated Standard Maintenance Organizations) before the October hearing to educate Subcommittee members about 5010. Regardless, the Subcommittee would want to bring forward a recommendation to the full Committee in September or November 2007 (noting that WEDI would not have survey results on implementation of the 5010 until fall 2007).
  4. Lynne Gilbertson (NCPDP) and Jim Shuping (WEDI) were asked to assemble an educational packet for the above mentioned conference call by June 15, 2007, to include a breakdown of all transactions and changes within three categories (cosmetic, fixes, and new). Mr. Reynolds will compose an email that lists what should be included in the educational packet.
  5. A list that details what is needed from SDOs and WEDI will be circulated.
  6. A conversation with the Executive Committee should occur that delineates what they need from the Subcommittee regarding modification of existing security standards.
  7. It was recommended that the Executive Subcommittee consider long-term strategies for terminology in health care

Department of Health and Human Services


Subcommittee on Standards and Security

May 1-2, 2007

Topics and Presenters

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Subcommittee discussion of the HIPAA Process Streamlining Letter

DSMO Annual Report Presentation Nancy Spector, DSMO
Lynne Gilbertson, NCPDP
E-Prescribing Pilot’s Report Jon White, MD, AHRQ
Michael Bordelon, PhD and Shelly Grace, Achieve Healthcare
Chelle Wooley, NRC Evaluation, Contractor Representative
Douglas Bell, RAND Corporation
Update on NPI and Discussion of Contingency Guidance Karen Trudel, CMS
Michael Ubl, BCBS of MN, WEDI
Security Review of Guidance/Current Remote Access and Ongoing Security Issues Lorraine Tunis Doo, CMS
Susan A. Miller, JD, WEDI
Health Information Security and Privacy Collaborative Matthew Scholl, NIST
Linda Dimitropoulous, PhD, RTI Intl.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

NLM Update Betsey Humphries, NLM
Executive Subcommittee Planning and Session Preparation Jeffrey S. Blair, MBA, Co-Chairman
Harry Reynolds, Co-Chairman

See official transcript for full Subcommittee discussion.